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Franklin County, North Carolina

As recorded in July 1985 by Olivia E. Rice and Grace R. Greene.

The Perry Family Cemetery is located on the east side of Perry Chapel Road near its intersection with Rt. 56. A large rectangular stone wall (approximately 20 ft. by 40 ft.) surrounds the original graves; many graves (most marked at head and foot only by fieldstones) are outside the wall. The only headstones remaining inside the wall are those of two children, Penelope and John H. J. Perry, the children of Presley and Lydia M. Perry. Presley was a son of Jeremiah Perry. It seems likely that Jeremiah Perry (Fork) and his wife are buried inside the wall. Jeremiah died in 1846. His wife died prior to 1846. The earliest marked grave outside of the wall (1852) is that of Mary Adaline who was the daughter of Allen C. and Elizabeth C. Perry.

No headstones:

Jeremiah "Fork" Perry, born circa 1761, died Oct. 1846, aged 85 years
The wife of Jeremiah Perry was born between 1780-1790 and died
between 1840-1846.

Headstones inside the wall:

Penelope, Daughter of P.P. & L.M. Perry, Born Jan.5th, 1841, Died Jan. 26th, 1842

John H.J., Son of P.P. & L.M. Perry, Born Nov. 1847, Died Jan. 8th, 1851

Headstones outside the wall:

In memory of Mary Adaline, Wife of S.H. Cannady, And Daughter of A.C. & E.C. Perry.
Died Aug. 20, 1852. In the 25th Year of her Age. As Daughter, Sister & Wife, She
acted her part well. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Alexander H. Holmes, Co. F., 47 N.C. INF., C.S.A.

Allen C. Perry, Sept. 1804, Nov. 1889
His Wife, Elizabeth C. Perry, Feb. 1804, Mar. 1874

Fannie A. Perry, Wife of W.D. Spruill, 1838-1885

William D. Spruill, Sept. 1836, June 1908
His Wife, Eliza R. Spruill, Jan. 1840, Mar. 1921

Alice Perry, Wife of J.A. Pitchford, 1842-1931

Fannie E. Spruill, 1870-1936

There are at least 11 or 12 unmarked graves outside the wall either as obvious depressions or marked by stones at head and foot. These graves are in and among the family members, so it seems likely that they are all family-related graves. This land was in the hands of the Perry family until 1910 when W.P. Perry sold the land around the family graveyard - excepting the graveyard from the sale. Eliza R. Spruill, wife of WD Spruill, continued living on her property adjacent to the cemetery at the intersection of the Franklinton Road and Perry Chapel Road until her death in 1901. The property is now owned by Novo Biochemical, excluding the graveyard.